Reinhold and Erika Schmieding

John and Nancy Hoey

 Bob and Sue Massey

Tom and Sue Robertson

 Peter and Jan Jacobsen

Jerry and Audrey McGinnis

Kevin and Jennafer Johnson

Gary and Beth Chensoff

Bill and Terri Fisher

Jim and Betty Heatwole

Brad and Jenny Havemeier

Dave and Rosemary McDonough

Jim and Betty Heatwole

Van and Debi Billet

Ben and Patty Lane

Dave and Sue Ann D'Antoni

Joe and Pat Blancato

Mark and Bernadette DeVoe

Bobby and Marianna Clampett

Joe Thacker

 Paul and Marcia Greenberg

Don and Diane Sardilli

Ernie and Joan Muir

Jack and Sharon Feighery

Robert and Susie Sebes

Chris and Sarah Chocola

Kevin and Laura Birck

Gene & Ann Murphy

Scott & Marty Smith

Matt & Trista Sue Kragh

Michael & Shirley Benson