As we all socially distance ourselves to ensure the safety of those more vulnerable in our communities, we’ve identified a need within our organization to help young people find healthy, creative outlets to put their minds at ease during this time of uncertainty.

We are introducing our First Tee Golf at Home Cup! Each week we will be introducing activities that participants can complete and earn points for prizes.

competition split into multiple sessions and culminating in a year-end prize.

  • Session 1 Dates: March 30-May 31
  • Session 2 Dates: June 1- July 31st

Winners will be the participants who earn the most points during a session.  The program is split into divisions by level, PLAYer, Par, Birdie, and Eagle.  Points will be accumulated each week and each week’s highest point earners will be featured on our social media pages.

Program Overview:

  • Session 1 points will accumulate from March 30th, 2020 until May 31st, 2020 (monthly prizes given out as well)
  • Eligible participants: anyone who been active in First Tee Naples/Collier programs in 2019 and/or registered in programs in 2020.
  • Activities will be released weekly.
  • Participants are able to do activities from the current week and the previous week to earn points.
  • As the weeks progress, we may make changes to the way the program works. So we reserve the right to make adjustments as necessary.

A leaderboard will be updated multiple times per week



How to Submit
Point Value
Watch a Golf Movie Click here for movie options Email with the movie you watched and a few sentences about your favorite part.  As well as picking a core value that you saw demonstrated in the movie and describe what happened. 5 per movie (1 movie per week – must be a different movie each week)
Fitness Log

Complete 2 exercises from each category

Click here for Fitness Log

Email log to:
Include Name, Email and Level in the body of the email
1/2 point per exercise completed per day (up to 35 points per week available)
5 Bonus points if you send us a video doing one of the exercises!
Take a video, draw a picture, or complete core value worksheets Click here for Core Value worksheets Email finished product to:
Include Name, Email, and Level in video or on your drawing. If writing include this information in the body of the email
5 points (must be a different core value each week) 10 point for completing core value worksheet
Complete First Tee Home Challenges Click here for First Tee Home Challenges Directions included with each challenge

10 points if submitted, winner gets 20



How to Submit 
Point Value
Make a video describing the different parts of the golf club Refer to the PLAYer Yardage Book for help Email finished product to: Include Name, Email, and Level in video 10 points


 How to Submit
Point Value
Record a video about What the First Tee Means to me Must include your first name, level and where you go to classes in the video Email completed video to 10 points
Select a golf based or non-golf based goal and create a goal ladder while you are at home Refer to Birdie Level Yardage Book for help setting your goal and creating the goal ladder. Email you goal and goal ladder to Up to 20 Points