First Tee Home Golf Challenge

Calling all First Tee Participants & Junior Golfers! First Tee of Naples/Collier has developed a series of challenges that will putt your creativity, golf skills, public speaking and much more to the test.  Check back often as challenges will be added every week or two.  Multiple Winners will be selected for each First Tee Home Golf Challenge and receive prizes.  We will also be posting entries to our respective social media pages and we encourage you to share them as well to inspire others to take part.

How to submit your entries:

  • Post your entry on social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Accounts must be public to be viewable by our chapter staff)
    • When posting on social media, tag us (tags are listed below), title your post “First Tee Naples/Collier Home Golf Challenge, This is challenge # (number of the challenge you are submitting for), and use the #FirstTeeHomeGolfChallange
    • Email your video or picture to or
  • If you do not have social media, please email us your videos or pictures and we will post them.
    • The file size must be less than 25 KB to be sent over email.  You can send us dropbox or google drive links for larger files.
  • Questions about submitting can be sent to the above email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



  • Each Challenge will run for at least 1 week (7 days)
  • Videos may not be longer than 1 minute in length
  • Maximum of two entries for each challenge
  • Entries can be from inside or outside your home
  • Entries can be from any US Resident, First Tee participant or family members, and other residents of Collier County or Southwest Florida.

Winners & Prizes:

  • Winners of each challenge will be announced on our social media accounts.
    • Instructions for claiming your prize will be in the post
  • PGA Tour Gift Cards will be given to the winners of each Challenge
  • Special Prizes may be award for certain Challenges
    • Details on these prizes will be announced with that Challenge


Social Media Handles:

Please use these handles when tagging your videos.

*Sharing your videos/pictures gives First tee of Naples/Collier & PGA Tour Superstore permission to post it to our social media pages and websites.

Challenge #1 Let Me Introduce Myself

Challenge #2 Rube Goldberg Golf Machine

Challenge #3 The Great Junior Golf Design Challenge

Challenge #4 Golf Ball Juggling